Is your blog credible?

“Credibility is something most blogs lack”
John Chow

So what you ask and who the hell is John Chow? Well, the reality is you are likely reading this to learn about blogging and possibly have visions of earning some extra income from your new blog. That probably means you haven’t met all of the big players in the blogging for dollars end of the blogosphere. John is one of the biggest. He’s also Canadian, which is a big deal for me, as I love to promote Canadian talent whenever I can.

When I wrote about choosing a blog topic recently, I pointed out that you should write about something you know and are passionate about. That will build credibility for your blog. Without that credibility, nobody will want to read your work. If you’ve been collecting and selling garden gnomes for 10 years, you would be foolish to start a blog about fairies because you think that’s where the readers are.

As Mr. Chow points out, there are many people writing blogs about making money blogging but only a handful of those are truly earning substantial income as a result of their blogging. My primary work over at The Garage is the result of a lifetime spent around cars and 20 years in the car industry. The team of writers that I’ve assembled all have similar backgrounds, from working in the industry to taking part in motorsports. Here at Blogtater, I’m attempting to collate the knowledge I’ve gained from blogging for the past few years and pass those lessons on to the new blogger.

I’ll leave the fairie blogging to someone else, I encourage you to do the same. Unless of course you have an intimate knowledge of the fairie world.


2 responses to “Is your blog credible?

  1. It is true that many people seem to want to write about things that they know nothing about. Writing about what you know is the most common advice there is and yet few seem to follow it.

  2. Yeah I believe your blog should be credible if your goal is to earn money.

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