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How often should I post?

Post frequency is quite the topic. Some folks believe that too few posts will kill a blog, while others feel that too many will actually drive away traffic. The golden rule used to be something like Thou shalt post as many times a day as possible. These days though, it seems that many blogging experts believe that consistency is key. It really is one of those topics where personal experience hugely influences ones’ opinion.

Let’s take the automotive corner of the blogosphere as an example. The large, corporate owned automotive blogs typically have teams of bloggers. Together these teams typically churn out anywhere from 10 posts a day on the weekend, to close to 30 during the week. That is some serious quantity. Most of the B List car blogs are written by 1 or 2 bloggers and might post 5-7 posts a day, while the C Listers are usually flying solo with posts coming in at under 2 or 3 a day. Below the C List are the occasional bloggers who love cars, but don’t have the time or inclination to write more than every few days.
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